Friday, October 28, 2011

Beetroot ravioli & Pasta maker

Be honest and tell me how many times you have used our pasta machine? Once, twice a year maybe?

There is something posh and classy about making your own tagliatelle, farfales or ravioli. So you think, let’s get serious about it and purchase a real pasta maker… but in fact, this sort of accessory barely gets used in our kitchen, and there will always be a smart-ass boyfriend to remind us of the pointlessness of it.

But before that, it is time to choose your appliance. There are cheap ones around 15£, and very expensive ones for 60£. The first category is usually stainless steel and can’t be washed. The more expensive ones are made from other materials and can most of the time be washed under running water without trouble.

Once this little investment is made, you can’t wait to be able to use it. After the first trial, you are fairly happy with the result and move on until the opportunity comes by.

Because making your own past is long and can be tedious. You have to knead and beat the dough, let it set for an hour, then process it through the rollers, then cut them and try to make them look like something nice to eat. Finally you have to think of a recipe to use them in, phew!

So if you are brave enough and are looking for either a nice Christmas present or a new fancy utensil, just get one of them! Only a pasta maker will give you the joy of eating North African Rechta. Thanks to it you will be able to create your own pink ravioli. And many more recipes we will unveil on this blog soon!..

I think by now that everybody knows how obsessed I am with beetroots. And after the beetroot and chocolate cake, girly risotto, my Mum’s beet salad and the beetroot tatin tart, I am still hungry for more.

I also take this opportunity to bring some colours to the gloomy days ahead. How about beetroot ravioli with goat cheese filling and roasted walnut (just the right season for them)?

And because it is getting cold too, the pasta machine is a very convenient workout tool.

I was quite lucky to find some organic beetroot juice but if that’s proving difficult to source where you are, you can still use fresh beetroot and extract the juice from it.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! It's almost too pretty to eat.

  2. Lovely ravioli! Loved your blog design!! Following your blog now!

  3. Those are CRAZY gorgeous!! And the recipe sounds absolutely delicious. Lovely, lovely post.