Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nettle & Yoghurt sorbet

If you have read my last post, you will not be surprised to hear that nettle is my favourite ingredient at the moment. I have tried it in many savoury recipes and discovered that it may as well find its place in desserts.
For instance this coconut and nettle cake from Cuisine mélangée. I made my friends taste it and this was a huge success.
So based on this positive feedback I decided to venture farther into the world of sweet nettle-based recipes. Because it’s supposed to be hot at this time of the year, I’m going to make a nettle sorbet (much lighter than ice cream) with strawberries and covered with nettle syrup….yummy!


  1. I've never had nettle before, but I can imagine it would be quite interesting in a sorbet. Looks good with the strawberries, too!