Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brussels: the place to be.

Here are the things I looooved about Brussels :
Fries in a cone on Flagey square…
Belga café and its hot male patrons…
Fish and seafood tapas at Noordzee…
Belgian waffers - no Chantilly cream for me thank you - are to die for.

But my real love affair was with la Maison Belge, near Jeu de Balle square and its flea market. The concept is simple : only one dish a day, depending on the availability of produce and Nafie’s mood (the owner and chef). That’s what the restaurant business should always be about! I was treated with a lamb curry, watered down with a magical ginger juice. If you prefer something more toned-down, you can go for a milky baobab fruit juice. Everything is made with fresh ingredients. I can’t wait to go back!

Just trying to count all the beer brands makes me feel dizzy. Check out the Delirium and its over thousand different beers on tap (thanks to the Trappist monks)
During the night, it’s all about energy drinks and vodka to keep me going until dawn ; Yes, I’m no longer 20… I had such a great time with the girls at the Mirano and its rotating dance floor.

 Brussels ? Definitely the place to be !

For more good eats in Brussels, visit Brussels kitchen, la Dinette des Grandes or des Filles à Retordre.


  1. I've just come back from visiting Iceland and Western Europe, and Brussels (amongst other cities). I loved the lower-key slightly more laid-back vibe of this city. The main Côte d'Or shop was amazing with that huge elephant on the wall and all those chocolate mignonettes! I miss the variety now that I'm back in South Africa. Nice to hear you had fun there too :-)

    1. Ah Ah! I avoided to go inside the Cote d'Or shop...I knew It'd be too tempting for me!! And wow, Iceland! That is a great destination! Are you planing to share some pics with us on your blog? I'd love to see that!

      I wish I could visit South Africa too, it's been on my list for a while now! Hopefully in a near future ;)