Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homemade lemonade

What’s best to survive through the heat wave than a refreshing and cold lemonade?

I've made these three lemonades recipes and labels for the French summer issue of Etsy (the craft and DIY market place). There’s plenty in it to entertain you: games, handcraft tutorials, colouring pages. And there are new ideas everyday on the website too. (but, yes it's in french!)

I’m revamping the blog now so things will look different very soon. Please bear with me while work is in progress...


•    150ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
•    100g honey
•    1 tsp. orange flower water
•    Fresh mint
•    Sparkling water

Mix together the lemon juice with the honey and orange flower water. Use a funnel and fill up the content in a glass bottle. Top up with the sparkling water. Serve up with a few mint leaves and loads of ice.


•    200g strawberries
•    120ml lime juice
•    100g cane sugar
•    About 30 basil leaves
•    Sparkling water
In a blender, crush the strawberries and add the lemon, the sugar and the basil. Use a cocktail pestle to grind the basil. When the sugar has dissolved, put through a sieve and pour the preparation into a bottle, and then add the sparkling water. You can throw in a few whole strawberries while serving.


•    150ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
•    200ml fresh orange juice
•    50g fresh ginger
•    100g cane sugar
•    Sparkling water

Grate the ginger and make sure you keep the juice. Mix together with the other ingredients, except the water. When the sugar has dissolved, pour through a sieve then in a bottle. Top up with the sparkling water. Serve with a few slices of orange.

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