Friday, August 3, 2012

Video recipe for the summer! {Watermelon and Feta Tabuleh}

I thought a Foodanimé for the holidays would be just the right thing to do.

This one was done with watermelon in mind, but also classic car racing video games and for all those addicted to tabuleh salad in summer. So enjoy the summer and see you back in September!

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To make a tabuleh it’s dead simple; all you need is bulgur wheat (or couscous), watermelon, cucumber, feta cheese and lemon. You can put as much fresh mint and parsley as you wish, depending how green you want your tabuleh to look.
This animation was made using all those ingredients of course.

Watermelon and Feta Tabuleh

The quantities listed are just here as reference. You can adjust depending on how lemony you like it for example, or how much green you want in your salad
150g bulgur
½ lemon
150g cucumber
150g diced watermelon
80g feta cheese
1 bunch fresh mint
½ bunch parsley

Put the bulgur in a bowl. Pour over 150ml hot water, then cover with a plate and leave for 10 minutes to soak. When done, shake a bit to cool it down and place in the fridge.
Meanwhile, dice up the cucumber and watermelon. Chop the mint and parsley. Crumble the feta cheese and put all the ingredients in a salad bowl with the bulgur. Add the lemon juice and season according to taste.

 Serve with Lebanese flat bread, green salad, some fromage frais and some olive oil.

How do you like your tabuleh?

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  1. When done, shake a survival warehouse offers bit to cool it down and place in the fridge.