Where to begin a world trip for food ?

Photo Where to begin a world trip for food ?

The country to visit is chosen depending on its specialties. Do you know that 88.2% of tourists consider food as the main reason to take a trip? The United Nations World Tourism Organization confirms that and shows how tourism developed due to local food of some countries.

Tasty food, where to find you?

There are many delicious food specialties around the world that everyone has to relish once in the lifetime. Here are some tracks to let you enjoy the beginning of a world trip for food. ­

  • Tacos in Mexico is the first advice for food travelers. Why? Because it's composed of homemade tortilla with grilled beef topped with guacamole, onions, cilantro (a group of coriander). It can be even more enjoyable when it's wiped with oil and sea salt. ­
  • Stinky tofu in Southeast Asia. Made with soy cheese, the smell of this food is memorable, it will stay in your nostrils for months. So, it's worth going there to taste. ­
  • French toast, indeed in France. Butter fans? It is fatter than you can imagine because it's two pieces of toast on top of each other, with peanut butter, jam or eggs in between, and all is covered with butter anyway. ­
  • Chili crabs in Singapore. A world trip for food is not complete if it doesn't ínclude seafood. In Singapore, this spicy food is very current. By just adding black pepper, chili sauce, cheese-baked and some egg yolk, this becomes the right seafood.
  • Piri-piri chicken in Mozambique. Africa is also an arena of tasty food. For spicy chicken's fans, they can't be disappointed if they eat this food. It is so easy to cook. All you need to do is put the chicken with peppers, garlic, coconut milk and piri-piri sauce, it's so delightful.

How to manage time then?

“No love is as sincere as the love of food”, said an Irish critic. And that's right. It can be seen in the fact that one of the main criteria for people to choose their destinations is the quality of local products, especially food.

Choosing a place for a world trip for food is not easy. Traveling makes you discover many things that you have never seen or expected. Food taste shows that it is really difficult to choose a destination.

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Through the choice of plane tickets, the hotels and the destination, just make a wish, choose eDreams and your dreams can come true. The first step is always the most difficult.

Travelers know that and that's why leaning on smart tools is the best thing we can do when we plan to travel. Making a world trip for food is a must for adrenaline addicted because it wakes all of senses. However, it's not only for them, it's advised for everyone, to get away sometimes for some adventures, even just for a moment.