Healthy food : who are the champions ?

Healthy food
Photo Healthy food : who are the champions ?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “healthy food”? You must think about eating less meat and fatty food, but more fruit and vegetables. Others might think about eating a balanced diet with very little fat, oil and sugar, little protein, and a large quantity of fresh vegetables, fruit and grains.

Drinking enough water also contributes to good health. The good thing about eating healthy food is that it promotes good health and that it contributes to long life. Who are the champions for eating healthy food? Let us discover the champions in healthy food with eDreams.

Mediterranean diet

  •  The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest. People in the Mediterranean region consume a large quantity of fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts and grains. They use extra virgin vegetable oil in their salad. However, they eat some fish, eggs and other proteins. They eat some yogurt and dairy products. They avoid eating much red meat, sugar, fat and oil. They avoid eating refined oils and grains, processed meat and highly processed food. They only eat three meals a day, and snack on a piece of fruit, or a pot of yogurt, or a handful of nuts. In fact, the Mediterranean people eat health food. As a result, they have a life span of about 100 years old. 
  • Chad: They eat many fruits and vegetables, and drink much water. In turn, they return, they avoid eating highly processed food or junk food, with a very little consumption or no meat at all. They avoid eating high-calorie food, and fizzy drinks, sweetened beverages. Their low income might play a key role in their diet, which is from the local market place. 
  • Italy: Italian food is healthy since they eat lots of vegetables, and they use virgin olive oil for their food. Olive oil is the healthiest oil for food. If you have a liver disease, you should not eat any other oil except olive oil. Therefore, their body has better cholesterol, which means a better health. 
  • Spain: Their diet consists mainly of red meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits. They eat lean meat. Besides, they consume less fatty food and fast food than any Europeans counties. Their diet is rich in olive oil which promotes good health.

Eat healthy

Many other countries have a healthy diet which is composed of a high consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, grains, and cereals. They eat very little meal and proteins, and consume very little fat and sugar.

As a result, people in those countries have a longer life span. To improve your health condition, discover the daily lifestyle and the healthy diet of the countries with the healthiest diet in the world. To help you, browse on any of the countries, go the eDreams' webpage.

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Find a suitable flight and a hotel with eDreams. For your unforgettable culinary experience, do not wait until it is too late before you start to follow a healthy diet. Healthy diet contributes to good health and that is the secret of living a long life.